Be Encouraged: I need you Now!
by Donell Maxie
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Nearly everyone has a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and many people think they're happy without God.

Many people live their lives without fulfillment: you know that inner peace even in the midst of difficult circumstances, a certain knowledge of the meaning and purpose of one's life despite one's mortality, a true sense that our deepest needs have been met.

God created us for a purpose, and we will find fulfillment and peace when we do what he designed us to do, namely be in fellowship with him and love and worship him. It was because of this fulfillment that Paul could write the letter to the Philippians, rejoicing while he was in prison and saying, "I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength" (Php 4:12-13).

For me there was a time in my life when I fell away from God and struggled mightily.

It was like a bad relationship where I had messed up so bad and figured God would never forgive me so there was no need to try and mend the issue.

I never considered that God is not like man. He does not turn his love on and off. He forgives us of our sins and he wraps his arms around us to let us know that everything will be just fine.  

It was at that point where I understood how much I needed Him.

Right now someone is in a dark place and in need of guidance, understanding and love. That person may be you and I want you to know God is readily available to answer your prayers. You have to let go and let God do what it is He wants to do in your life.

To need God is as important as needing the air to breath. God never leaves a void. God will never desert you or forsake you. God's presence of love and wisdom is ever nurturing your soul in its gradual development of spiritual potential. God's power is ever at work within every circumstance. As you let go and trust God, everything is transformed—yes, everything—into a blessing. God continuously makes dark places light, rough places smooth, crooked places straight, and empty places full—full of loving-kindness and abundance of joy.

For me, my change came when I was in a very depressed place. I was struggling with my purpose and with the direction of my life.

I had turned to friends and family, but no one could help me. It was at that place in my life where I had to look to God.

I remember praying to God about how much I needed Him and I remember that through my prayer a peace came over me and a few days later I received a call from Mark Williams at The Bolivar Commercial about an interview for a job. That was in 2004 and here it is nearly 10 years later and I'm still blessed to have a job where I'm happy and am able to impact people all over the state and country. MY GOD IS AWESOME!

When we decide to seek God we must give ourselves up because we are not strong enough to do this on our own. We have to need Him desperately and deeply. Know that with God we cannot just need Him today, but everyday and every night, every second of the day we need Him in every aspect of our life.

Keep the faith and stay encouraged. M.J.T. Love.

Donell Maxie is a staff writer for The Bolivar Commercial. He can be reached at 843-4241 or e-mail him at