Domino’s raises dough for local area schools
by Candrese Jones
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A local franchisee opens up his cash register to help raise money for local schools in the area as a way to give back to customers and the community with a “Dough Fundraiser.”

“It was a way that I thought we could implement a fundraiser to help raise money for the schools and to give back to the communities that we serve,” said Neal Anderson, franchisee. “Every pizza that is ordered (on a particular) day, we donate a $1 to whatever school (that day) is designated for.

“The customer doesn’t have to request it or even have to have any idea that we’re having it, even though we are marketing it through the schools,” said Anderson. “Most of the parents and teachers know that we’re having a dough raising that day though. This is our third year doing this and it has been successful.

“This year, we still have about two or three (dough raising days) left but it will be right around about $20,000 that we’ve given back through this fundraiser,” he said. “I think it has been very successful.

“The schools have been very accepting to this fundraiser,” said Anderson. “They have just as much fun as we do. They are very active in helping us get the word out and creating awareness and making sure that the students and all their parents know about it. They all have been very supportive. It’s been great.”

Anderson said he understands the importance of engaging with and giving back to the community as well as trying to sell a product when a businessman is running a business.

“We donate about 10 pizzas to any non-profit organization a year,” he said. “We donate a lot to the schools. We just donated 20 pizzas to East Side in support of one of their activities.

“We also have fundraiser cards where the schools can buy them for a dollar each and resell them for $10 so we’re used that for fundraisers too,” said Anderson.

Domino’s has been in Cleveland a little over three years.

“We’ve been doing well,” said Anderson. “We’re still here.

“We’ve made enough pizza to still be here,” he said, with a chuckle.

The dough fundraiser is something the company plans to do often.

“Last year, we implemented it in the fall and spring semesters and we’re going to do that again this year,” said Anderson. “We’re just finishing up and I think we’re got only two more. Then we’re going to line them all up again in the spring.”

The fundraiser is done for every school in the Cleveland School District.

“I haven’t approached any schools outside of Cleveland but we would certainly be open to doing other schools,” said Anderson.

“I would like to say thanks to everyone — to all the customers that have supported us because without them and them being so great to us we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do these kinds of things and give back like this. I would also like to thank all our teams’ members for working so hard — without them we really couldn’t do it. They have been such a huge help.”

For more information about Domino’s Dough Fundraiser, call 662-843-FOOD. Domino’s is located on North Davis Avenue in Cleveland.