Faster Internet speeds coming to Bolivar
by Paisley Boston
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Some areas in Bolivar County will receive enhanced cellular reception.

County Code Enforcer Cynthia Blockett said she was contacted by C Spire regarding cellular towers in Rosedale, Pace and Gunnison.

"Antennas will be placed on towers in Rosedale, Pace and Gunnison. The current towers only accommodate 3G Internet speeds. Now that C Spire has upgraded to 4G, they have to provide equipment that will cater to customers with 4G," said Blockett.

"The antenna installment was not a request of C Spire customers in the area, the company decided to make the necessary adjustments," she added.

The new 4G systems will provide mobile broadband access for several megabytes to smartphones and mobile modems in laptop computers. The system will also ensure improve wireless connection, mobile Internet access, fixed wireless Internet access, video calls and mobile TV technologies.

Bolivar County Supervisor Andrew Williams said he is elated about the new changes.

"I have experienced call drops or signal failure while riding through these areas and I feel that the antennas are need. I think this is going to be a great asset to aid individuals in keeping up with our rapidly evolving world," said Williams.

According to C Spire, its network is built for data devices, supporting the highest percentage of customers with smartphones in the U.S. wireless communications industry.

The company also has been recognized with the best network connection reliability among U.S. wireless carriers, according to a study by Urban Airship on carrier connection durability among 77 service providers worldwide, Connection Durability Study.

Fourth generation telecommunication networks are said to yield data speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G.

According to ITU, a new generation of cellular standards has appeared approximately every 10th year since 1G systems were introduced around 198.

Each generation is characterized by new frequency bands, higher data rates and non–backward-compatible transmission technology.

"I think this will be an asset to citizens in these areas. Technology is improving everyday because the world is in a hurry. Everyone wants to have fast and easy access to communication. The microwave is a perfect example of how fast or instantaneous people like for things to be," said Williams.

"Jesus actually talked about some of the technological advances that we are witnessing now. He said in the later days of time, he would pour out his spirit through the gift of knowledge so that his people would be able to do greater things than he did," he added.

"We are doing great things through the gift of knowledge. I would not have ever imagine that people would be able to talk on the phone while looking at each other, but my daughter does it all the time. It is amazing," continued Williams.

C Spire has allegedly invested more than $1 billion in network infrastructure improvements since 2003 - adding 536 new cell sites to its high-speed wireless broadband network.

With 1,840 total cell sites in operation and access to 3,390 route miles of high-capacity network fiber through its sister company, Telepak Networks Inc., C Spire has one of the industry's most powerful and fastest mobile broadband networks.

"There are trains that can make a 13 hour trip in one hour. Technology is changing and I think that we should embrace it. The world is moving and if you do not keep up with the change then you will be left behind. If someone fell asleep for ten years and wake up now, they would truly be at a disadvantage. Evolution causes drastic changes," said Williams.

C Spire's network provides the coverage, speed and capacity needed to support the many smartphone devices and tablets the company offers, as well as the apps, content and data wireless users want to access.

"As far as technology, the world has made an 180 degree turn in the past ten years. The world has become more liberal and technology savvy – we must embrace this," said Williams.

A date has not been set for the antenna installment.