Letter to the Editor from Edward Duvall
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To the residents of Cleveland,

It is the right time to consider consolidating our schools and building a new facility. No buildings are built to last forever. CHS is over 100 years old and ESH is more than 50 years old. It doesn’t make sense keep spending thousands of dollars doing patch work on both of these schools. We can save millions of dollars by consolidating our schools and building a new facility for all of our students. They say Cleveland is the second most desirable small city to live in. Let us become number one by making this move — consolidate. The politicians in Jackson have come to the conclusion that the people in Cleveland don’t want to consolidate. They won’t force us to but they will continue to take funds from us and let us finance our own schools. They say we can keep our schools but we would pay for them ourselves.

Listed below are ten reasons why we should consolidate our schools.

It would save millions of dollars by consolidating the schools., i.e. one high school, one middle school and one elementary school.

It will ensure that we have the best teachers for all of our students, i.e. we can weed out the marginal teachers and keep the high performing teachers.

It will ensure that all the students have equal access to the same resources, i.e. facilities, books, lockers, buildings, sport complexes, and etc.

It will provide for a facility that is state-of-the-art, which would be comparable to that of most of the schools in Mississippi.

We can build a facility that would accommodate the handicap at the admin building and sporting events and we can have a gym that will accommodate larger crowds, i.e. we can win bids for district and North half state tournament.

We can field a sporting team that will compete with any team on the 6A or 5A level. We would have a strong football, basketball and baseball team. We would have a better soccer as a result. Tennis, swimming and golf would remain as is or become better.

It will heal a city that is deeply divided socially and racially.

it will pave the way for the city to have a united Park Commission. There will be no Eastside or Westside. It will simply be Cleveland Park Commission. Note: It will save the city some money.

It will pave the way for the city to have consolidated Head Start thus saving the county thousands of dollars.

The move will better prepare our kids socially for a world that exist beyond high school and Cleveland, MS.

Here are eight other reasons, courtesy of our superintendent.

We can hire music teachers.

We can hire art teachers.

We can hire reading coaches.

We can hire math coaches.

We can hire an interventionist for each school.

We would hire additional teachers in the common core subject area.

We would hire social workers

We would hire nurses.

Edward Duvall