Recycling grows with poppers
by Courtney Warren
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With the addition of poppers placed across from Atmos Energy, Cleveland's recycling program has picked up.

Originally, there were smaller recycling bins in front of the depot and after those were successful larger poppers were placed on North Bayou Ave.

The bins have been emptied twice as much as was expected according to Public Works Director Ray Bell.

"We're emptying them twice as much as we planned on so recycling has picked up since we got the poppers. We really haven’t settled down yet," he said.

The first sell of cardboard was on March 18 of last year and it weighed 3,000 pounds.

In January of this year the amount was 1,940 pounds and 2,720 pounds.

Each popper is labeled for designated items.

Mixed paper; magazines, catalogs, junk mail, copy paper, newspapers, envelopes, paper sacks, paperback books, cereal boxes, beverage boxes, and cardboard; plastic bottles; plastic water and soda bottles, milk jugs and detergent bottles; plastic bags and aluminum and steel cans; soda and beer cans and steel food cans.

Scott Fuqua of public works asked for residents to, "please break down the cardboard boxes."

Fuqua explained if a box is not broken down it takes up much more room in the popper and then clogs the opening when it is cleaned out.

Fuqua also said that if residents go to the poppers and one of them is gone it is because it's being dumped at public works and will be back within 30 minutes.

Also, food soiled items cannot be recycled. Items such as pizza boxes, while they are made of cardboard, are covered in a wax coating and this can't be broken down. The food also causes decontamination.

Bell stressed that absolutely no medical waste can be put into the poppers.