Rollover simulator shows the importance of wearing a seatbelt
by Courtney Warren
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The Optimist Club and the Mississippi Highway Patrol have teamed up to show students throughout the county the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Trooper Tony Dunn along with Lynn Allen brought a rollover car simulator to Bayou Academy early Wednesday morning to show the students what happens if someone is not wearing a seatbelt in a car accident.

"This is our first time doing this. Lynn Allen works with the Driver's License Department of the Highway Patrol and she saw that they had the simulator and so I thought it would be a good project for our club to stress the importance of seatbelts," said Cedie Kendall, president of the Optimist Club.

The rollover car is the cab of a truck and has two dummies that are buckled inside.

Dunn referred to the father and baby dummies as “the Dummy Family.”

For the first demonstration, Dunn buckled up the two dummies and turned the rollover car on. The cab is attached to a machine that allows the troopers to control how fast is spins and in which direction.

As the rollover car turned left, right, and rolled completely over the students were able to see that the dummies were safely buckled in.

"The best place to be in a rollover accident is buckled up inside your car," said Dunn.

For the second demonstration Dunn unbuckled the father dummy and then turned the rollover car back on.

Within minutes the dummy had fallen out of the window of the car.

After the dummy was on the ground, Dunn had the students walk closer to see that the baby dummy was still safely buckled into its car seat.

"This is going to show the difference between somebody that has a seatbelt on and somebody that doesn’t," said Dunn.

This demonstration was done for each grade a Bayou Academy, including the licensed drivers in the high school.

"If we can make them aware of how important it is to put your seatbelt on every time they get in the car then we need to do everything we can to do that," said Kathryn Ann Danna, elementary school principal.

The Optimist Club and Mississippi Highway Patrol hope to continue these demonstrations in schools throughout the Delta to inform students that wearing a seatbelt can save a life.