Rosedale officers suspended
by Chance Wright
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Two Rosedale Police Officers have been placed on administrative leave without pay after an incident led them to stop a vehicle outside their jurisdiction of the city limits.

According to Rosedale Mayor Carey Estes, officers Nakia Hall and Arthur Griham have been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation and report to be given to the city's mayor and board of aldermen meeting on Tuesday at the Rosedale courthouse.

"On or around Feb. 17, a tow truck came to Rosedale to repossess a vehicle owned by officer Hall," said Estes. "The vehicle was located in the parking lot behind the courthouse and while the driver of the tow truck was hooking up the vehicle someone made a phone call to officer Hall."

Officers Hall, Griham, and Michael Honorable were on duty at the time of the incident.

Hall and Griham were on patrol at West Bolivar Middle School, located on Miss. Highway 1, when they noticed the truck hauling Hall's vehicle pass in front of them.

A chase ensued and continued nearly 10 miles outside of the Rosedale city limits.

During the chase, the driver of the truck called the Bolivar County Sheriff's Department asking for assistance giving his location as just west of the town of Pace.

Two deputies arrived on the scene.

"At that point the driver of the truck, from Mid-Delta Recovery, pulled to the side of the road and officers Hall and Griham pulled up behind him," said Estes. "That is the point where stories became conflicted.

"Hall has informed the city that an arrangement had been made between himself and the finance company and that he was only trying to get answers to why his vehicle was being repossessed," said Estes. "Chief Johnson has been instructed to carry out a full investigation of the incident and once all of the facts are in we will make a decision as to the future of the officers and their employment with the City of Rosedale."

Interim Police Chief Elijah Johnson said that it is against department policy for officers to make stops outside of the city limits.

"Our responsibility is serve and protect the people of Rosedale," said Johnson. "The officers know that they are not supposed to make stops outside the city limits."

Estes said that he suspects that the driver of the tow truck will make an appearance at the March board meeting and that the officers will remain on unpaid administrative leave until a thorough investigation into the incident has concluded.

He also said that he expects that the officers involved will be on hand to answer to any questions that may arise.