Statesmen step it up
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The Delta State University football team took to Parker Field at McCool Stadium on Wednesday after being forced indoors the previous day.

The team dressed out in shells, helmets and shoulder pads, for the first time of camp and was able to be a bit more physical for the two-hour session.

 With the team being assembled for only its third practice of the season and the addition of 63 new players to the program, expectations are not necessarily defined on a day-to-day schedule according to Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Joel Williams.

 "I really didn't set a schedule in my mind," Williams said. "I knew we brought in a bunch of talent; I had to see how it was going to mesh chemistry wise. I am really am very, very, pleased with our number one receivers, we have some guys that can score and make plays. We have some pretty good experience up front on the offensive line and a fierce battle going on at quarterback."

 "I guess that why I didn't set an expectation to be on a certain day, because we are not certain who that starting trigger man is and until you take a number one group: quarterback, running back, offensive line, receivers and tight ends; until they get to work together on a daily basis on every rep the timing is hard to get there."

 The one thing that has been a constant since the beginning of fall camp is the amount of effort the players have brought to each practice.

 "Great effort, the big thing we always talk about is discipline, I think that's coming; intensity, there's the effort," said Williams. "I think we've been doing a good job with that."

 The sentiment of bringing maximum effort everyday to practice was echoed by sophomore defensive tackle Trent Dunne. "Effort, you can have effort everyday of the week, but assignment and technique will come over time."

 The Statesmen will practice again today at 5 p.m. in shells before gearing up in full pads on Friday at 5 p.m. All practices are open to the public.