Supes conduct various county business
by Paisley Boston
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According to Bolivar County Engineer Bob Eley, the Noblin Sewer project is summing up nicely, but there are still a few holes in the East Gate project.

"The SAFETEA-LU project in Mound Bayou is on board and SRF (State Revolving Fund) is just about complete with the Noblin project. The septic tanks for the sewer project are currently being assembled. A separate crew will come in and put the tanks install the new septic system," Eley told the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors Monday at its regular monthly meeting.

Supervisor Larry King expressed tremendous gratitude for all of support that was rendered during the Noblin Sewer.

"I really appreciate everyone who came together on this project and made it a reality," he said.

After Eley discussed and explained the county's progress for Noblin, Board Attorney Linda Coleman gave an update on the East Gate project.

According to Coleman, the county has encountered major a setback.

One of the main concerns of the county is whether or not to remove the iron fence that is located in an area that will make the ditch cleanup almost impossible.

"I contacted the regional office in Greenwood about the easement for the iron fence. "Officials said that the project is not going to be workable because the lots have to be a certain size and to remove the fence temporarily could alter the sizes of the lots. "Officials also said that the fence could be moved to clean the ditch but it could not be moved back permanently without certain regulations being met," said Coleman. "I think we need to decide whether or not to move the fence temporarily and consider the long-term affects of the fence being removed."

According Eley, it would not be beneficial to move the fence and if it is removed to begin this project, then the county and residents will face the same problems in the future.

"I think that we would be able to give them a relief for now, but if the area is not maintained, the residents are still going to have snake issues, they would really not be getting any real benefit out of it in the long run," said Eley. "Basically they will be in the same situation a couple of years down the road again."

The board took no action on the issue.

Sheriff Kelvin Williams presented a request for two of his investigators to attend a child death investigation training session in Florence.

After concluding his presentation, Billings expressed profound apprehension and posed the question, "Have you had any luck with any of these cold cases around here?"

Sheriff Williams responded, "We have had a lot of tips. We're not getting the support that we need from the citizens. The sheriff ‘s department is in the process of getting another commercial put on the radio because the other tactics that we have been using are not working."

After much debate and deliberation about the recent out break of crime in Bolivar County, board members deliberated on the matter of the county being out of compliance with the Internal Tax Revenue Service.

"I want it understood that it is federal regulations, not the county. We have to be in compliance with IRS," said Supervisor Donny Whitten.

According to Supervisor Andrew Williams, members of the board have discovered that the value of the use of county vehicles is $3 per day if the vehicles are taken home.

The employees are required to pay taxes on the value usage of county vehicles if the vehicles are taken home.

Currently, the charges appear on the pay stubs of the employees.

To counteract this issue and to be incompliance with the IRS, members of the board have decided to raise the pay of certain county officials, in order to pay for the vehicles when they are taken home.

"We are going to give them a $7 raise to pay the tax amount for fringe benefits. This only applies to individuals that carry a weapon. In reality they are on call 24/7," said Supervisor James McBride.

Another topic of deliberation and up for approval was a permit requirement form for any individual who desires to construct a building in the the county

County code enforcer Cynthia Blockett presented a new application process for individuals desiring a building permit.

Board members reviewed the application and requirements.

After reviewing the document, members of the board suggested that Blockett take the application back to the planning commission for further review because the application and requirements lacked a penalty clause.

"These requirements did not come about due to trial and error or because of what someone else did or did not do, they were simply developed by county officials for regulatory purposes" said Billings.

Road Manager James Pritchett gave his report and presented a request for road repair for Winstonville, but after his request Whitten stressed the importance of serving the county before meeting the needs of municipalities.

"I don’t object to helping the municipalities, but the county comes first. Our county is … I don’t know how to describe it. My phone rings constantly about the conditions of the roads and grass needing to be cut, but we must first address issues within the county," said Whitten.

Billings said, "These small towns can't function or make it without the county."

Pritchett also announced that the Shelby is set to take part in a citywide cleanup from Oct. 14-18.