The true meaning of belief
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"... that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,…"

Philippians 2:10-11 (The New American Bible)

While I was sitting in my cozy home watching the lights on the Christmas tree twinkle, I began to think about all that this holiday brings.

I hang a sign on my kitchen door that says “This House Believes.” The statement is a short one but it has a lot of meaning.

In fact it has two meanings. The foremost and most important at my house is that we all know the true meaning for the season. Crawford can tell you that it’s the night “little bitty baby Jesus” came. He loves to sing “Away in the Manger” even though some of the words sound garbled and mixed up.

The sign could also mean we all believe in Santa. My mama always said that as long as you believe, no matter how old you are, Santa would come. And I believe it cause he comes and leaves me something at Mama’s every year.

It surprises me, when I think of Santa, that there is a good lesson in Ole St. Nick. Jesus taught His flock using parables and Santa could be a great parable to show children how to be kind, compassionate and have faith and hope in someone you have never seen in person.

Jesus believed in the good of mankind and even when we do bad things we can ask for forgiveness, while Santa has hope that all little boys and girls are good all year. And in every Christmas story I’ve ever seen, even when you weren’t good but had a true change of heart Santa would still bring you some goodies. Have you really every known anyone who has gotten coal for Christmas? That’s forgiveness.

The wise men and shepherds were guided to Jesus by a bright star and at the manager they celebrated the Baby’s birth. Santa travels under those same stars in hopes that all of our loved ones will gather together in celebration of that same baby’s birth and the love of our families.

The wise men brought Him gifts just as Santa brings us gifts. Santa brings gifts to all no matter the race, color or economical status. Jesus loves everyone no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from. 

Even though Santa has gotten branded into commercialism and materialism, the truest and purest part of the Santa Claus’ story is the goodness and mercy he brings. Every adult, whether they want to admit it, holds a special place in their heart for him. He will continue his job forever. Christ will continue His forever as well. How fortunate we are to have a holiday that we can embrace Christ’s entrance to the world. And have, Santa, a special man that helps to show our children how to have faith to believe. That is the greatest Christmas present Santa could bring.

I always get misty eyed at Mass on Christmas Eve when I am there with my family. The entrance hymn will begin and I promise it feels like my heart will swell out of my chest like the Grinch’s heart does when he hears the Whos singing. I feel the Christmas spirit and I want my son to feel it too. So I will continue to talk to him about Jesus and Santa and all the good they do. I know it will show him all the great, and wondrous things that “little bitty Baby Jesus” has for each and everyone of us.

Merry Christmas!

Caroline Laster is employed with The Bolivar Commercial.