Police given pat on back
by Denise Strub
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Law enforcement is not always about chasing criminals and making arrests and that's what one grateful woman wanted to express.

Julia Hall called The Bolivar Commercial Friday to say how much she appreciated the Cleveland Police Department and its officers.

Her uncle Roosevelt Russell, a formerly of the St. Louis area, is a current resident of Cleveland.

"He has Alzheimer's," said Hall, who does not live in Mississippi. "My uncle ran away Monday at about 11 a.m. He took the car."

She said after her relatives searched for him they called the police department and they were asked to wait 24 hours, which is standard law enforcement policy.

"They were very nice about it and at 11 a.m. the next morning we called and they were quick to action," she said.

Hall said to her it seemed almost immediately everyone had been notified and was on the look for her uncle.

"They Highway Patrol all the way to St. Louis was notified and police even went to my uncle's old house and notified the new owner's in case he showed up there," she said.

"He ran out of gas about a mile from St. Louis and he was found still sitting in the car," said Hall, adding her uncle is diabetic and had been without his medication for two days.

"They took him to the hospital, treated him and he is now safely at home in Cleveland," she said.

Hall said she is appreciative of how the Cleveland Police Department handled the situation.

"Police always get so much negative publicity and this is a good story. I wanted everyone to know. I think the Cleveland Police Department, and the Highway Patrol, are wonderful."

Cleveland Police Chief Buster Bingham, who had a humble tone in voice Friday afternoon, said his officers did what they would normally do to get the word out.

"We're glad he was found safe and sound," said Cleveland Police Chief Buster Bingham. "We feel like giants when a situation can end on a good note."