Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor

Recently, my mother and I went to the Shelby Cemetery to place some new flowers at my father’s grave. When we arrived, we noticed that the old flowers were missing, as was the Styrofoam holding them inside the vase. This is not the first time that flowers have disappeared from Dad’s grave. Mom sticks the flowers into the Styrofoam and then fills the remainder of the base with pebbles. We think that secures the flowers to the point that it is very difficult, if not impossible, for the wind to blow out the flowers without tipping over the vase. Instead, we think that people have taken out the flowers to place them on other graves. My father’s grave happens to be near one of the drives in the Shelby Cemetery, so perhaps this makes the flowers an easy target. It should go without saying that this is stealing and thus wrong! Whoever does this probably doesn’t consider it a big deal, so it is doubtful they will feel any sense of shame. Unfortunately, “shame” is a feeling that seems to be passing away in today’s world.


Christopher K. Balducci