Supes look at advisors
by Rory Doyle
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The Bolivar County Board of Supervisors convened Monday to discuss a number of issues at its second meeting of the month.

Ned Mitchell of Cleveland's SouthGroup Insurance presented his recommendations for the annual insurance renewal agreement.

The plan, which Mitchell said would have a $571,000 premium, covers a variety of physical and property insurance related issues.

Supervisor Larry L. King asked for further explanation of Mitchell's findings and wanted to make sure his recommendation was the best option for the county.

"What I do is go into the insurance market and try to get the best coverage for the county for the least amount of money," said Mitchell.

King further suggested the board reconsider the body of its insurance committee to determine if an updated team of new members was needed.

President Andrew Williams agreed that the supervisors would meet next week to establish policies and any new appointments for the two committees that focus on physical insurance and health insurance.

"Right now we hear recommendations from these committees and we accept them compared to nothing," said King. "I don't mean to be offensive but I want to make sure we explore the best options for the county."

Supervisor Donny Whitten agreed that a special meeting would be beneficial and he also thanked Mitchell for the guidance he's provided for many years.

"Mr. Mitchell has always looked out for the county and gone to bat for us," said Whitten. "I appreciate what you've done on behalf of Bolivar County and this board."

The board did accept Mitchell's premium recommendation.

County Administrator Will Hooker said the committee play a valuable role in providing direction to the supervisors.

"The board makes the decisions but the committees help make recommendations," said Hooker. "They are very diligent researching the issues."

In other board news, the development of two new sewage utility districts within the Noblin and Stanton subdivisions is progressing along the projected timeline.

The supervisors supported two resolutions to establish separate boards to manage the new districts.

King and Whitten announced the members of the boards from Noblin and Stanton respectively.

The Noblin commissioners will include Myra Foster, Claude Boddie Jr., Melvin Trotter, William Thomas and tentatively Bruce Standifer.

The Stanton commissioners will include Floyd Arbuckle, Kenny Carpenter, Joy Hopkins, Auburn Medders and Nate Murphree.

The county was facing pressure to improve the systems in a timely manner or otherwise lose grant money from the Delta Regional Authority.

In road news, Bolivar County Engineer Bob Eley received permission to develop a bridge repair list for the 270 bridges within the county.

"I'd like the opportunity to develop a more detailed plan of action for each bridge," said Eley. "We have a long list of bridges that need attention."

The list would provide guidance to the bridge crew and county road department, as the bridges are required to be inspected on a yearly basis.

Bolivar County Emergency Management Agency Director Bill Quinton also received support for two items on the agenda.

Quinton was granted approval of a $9,000 increase for wiring costs associated with the new generator installed at the maintenance shop as a backup power supply.

Quinton said the generator needs to be moved and rewired to a location about 100 feet away from it was originally installed.

Robinson Electric won the bid for the initial wiring far below Quinton's cost prediction.

"The extra $9,000 would still be cheaper than the wiring money I put in for to begin with," he said.

The EMA also moved closer to acquiring a new ambulance for its fleet after the board approved a $79,451 bid from Southern Emergency & Rescue Vehicle Sales, LLC.

"Using EMS grant money given to us, we are eligible to purchase a new ambulance every three years," said Quinton. "We've already got the money in the bank."

EMS funding fluctuates on a yearly basis and Quinton said the county would still be responsible for about $15,000 to pay for the new ambulance.