NSMC opens Wound Care Clinic
by Anne Hart Preus
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North Sunflower Medical Center announces the opening of its new outpatient wound care clinic on April 5 at 820 North Oak Avenue in Ruleville.

The wound care clinic is designed to treat patients with chronic or slow healing wounds that have shown little or no signs of healing over the course of a month or two.

The clinic offers to the community-advanced treatments where only traditional methods have previously been available.

The staff of medical professionals in the wound clinic has had extensive training and brings a comprehensive range of services to the community.

The goal of the clinic is to significantly increase the wound-healing rate of patients and help patients avoid unnecessary amputation.

According to Carmen Oguz, director of Rehabilitation at North Sunflower Medical Center, “Our target market will be nursing home residents and home health patients, as well as anyone else who has a wound that is difficult to heal. This will be a non-emergent clinic, which means anyone having a fresh or brand-new wound would need to seek emergency services from their doctor, rural health clinic, or emergency room first.

“North Sunflower Medical Center (NSMC) has partnered with Mississippi Wound Care Specialists (MWCS) to deliver superior results with an innovative approach.

“The wound care team treats patients with a comprehensive wound care management plan. The team consists of the physician, Dr. James Warrington Jr., and trained and certified wound care nurse specialists and technicians who are focused on providing wound care management and services to our patients,” said Oguz.

The wound care team has had success with an average healing rate of 85 percent while decreasing the time to heal.

The clinic is managed by Mississippi Wound Care Specialists, which has provided services for over five years.

The company provides a registered nurse who is board certified in wound care and has over 85 multi-specialty physicians affiliated with various outpatient clinics.

To schedule an appointment, call Mississippi Wound Care Specialists at 1-877-295-2273.

For providers, clinics, nursing homes and agencies, which wish to receive blank copies of the referral forms or more information about the program, call 1-877-295-2273 or 662-756-4000. Arrangements for both stretcher and wheelchair patients can be made.

MWCS and NSMC coordinate the services with home health agencies and nursing homes following the patient’s weekly treatment.

The post-procedure orders are faxed by the close of the business day or the next morning for continuum of care. Agencies, nursing homes and caregivers of all types will understand what is going on with the wounds. Also, recommendations for follow-up wound care on non-clinic days are given to caregivers, offering suggestions for the most effective and inexpensive dressing on the market. This optimizes wound healing and decreases costs of home health agencies, nursing homes and caregivers.

The clinic is scheduled to open every Friday.

“As the caseload and need grows, we may need to expand into other days. We are expecting to grow our caseload rapidly, as our quality of care and patient outcomes will be second to none,” said Oguz.

“There is no other service like this in the area,” said Oguz. “Sure there may be other wound clinics in neighboring towns. However our wound care clinic is designed for facilities like North Sunflower Medical Center and the valued patients/clients it has the capacity to serve.

“We will offer the best customer service for which North Sunflower Medical Center is known in conjunction with the best evidence-based wound care in the nation. What an unbeatable combination! Regarding wound care services, North Sunflower Medical Center has developed another reason for people to say, “Take me to Ruleville!”