Henderson seeks office
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“I’m running for mayor of Shelby on June 4, 2013,” said Jethro Henderson.

“I believe it’s time to work together to solve the problems that make life difficult for many of our citizens.

“As a black man who grew up in the 1950s and ’60s, I know what it’s like to face serious obstacles and what it takes to overcome them.

I’m tired of politics – finger pointing, blaming, and division. The simple fact is this: no problem ever got solved through accusation and divisiveness. It takes teamwork to get a tough job done right. That’s exactly what my campaign for mayor of Shelby is all about – working together.

“Research has shown that there is an increase in the breakdown of family unity and the lack of economic opportunities. However, we must strive to overcome these obstacles and set our goals to achieve higher standards. We must face the face that we can no longer look to government to solve our problems.

“It’s time for a new approach!

“I believe it’s time we renewed the values of the city of Shelby, Mississippi: family, faith, hard work, and community cooperation! These are my values and I believe they’re yours as well. If you share these values and if you believe that the time has come to find common ground in working together, I hope you’ll support my campaign for mayor of Shelby,” said Henderson.

Henderson was born into poverty. His parents encouraged him to do well in school. They stressed education as the key to a better future. He graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis in 1968. He later served four years in the USMC, attended Shelby State College and Memphis University.

Henderson is currently the owner and operator of the Henderson Group in Bolivar County.

Through parental guidance, Jethro developed a strong work ethic.

He learned that anger; tough words and refusal to consider the opinions of others were not the key to progress. A fundamental sense of fair play has taught him the best way to solve any problem is through cooperation and working together to achieve common goals.

Mr. Henderson is running for Mayor of Shelby, Mississippi to bring Shelby citizens together. For too long, the politics of division and blame have handicapped progress in Shelby. Based on past experiences, he believes that only committed citizens, working together can solve the problems of Shelby.

He has spent most of his life overcoming obstacles and believes he can bring Shelby citizens together by putting common sense solutions to work on our problems.