Be Encouraged: Go For It!
by Donell Maxie
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The other day I visited my mother in Duncan and my six-year-old daughter Tayla Danielle gave me a letter she wrote.

My baby is going to the first grade so like most kids her age she loves to write the few words she's learned.

This letter was sweet and simply said, "Dad you are the best dad, your baby, Tayla, M.K. and Joriah. Go for it…. We love you.

After I hugged and kissed my sweet baby I asked her, "what did who mean by, Go for it" she said, "Go for whatever you want."

Sometimes in life we face things that seem insurmountable and we throw in the towel. Because of those experiences we give up trying, but today in the words of a six-year-old I say, "Go for it."

Go for what your heart desires that is pleasing in the eyes of God.

There is no failure in falling short, but there is failure in never getting up to try.

Many of us have become conditioned with fear of failure that we never strike out to do what is burning in our hearts to do. Today I want you to take all that passion burning on the inside of you and let it drive you to a better day.

I want you to know that this is your moment and I don’t want you to let it pass you by. You have been a bystander for far too long. You have been sitting on the bench watching everyone else and now its time to get in the game and make the best of the opportunities afforded you.

Go back to school, go back to work, start learning a new language or new skill, ask her out on a date, restore your marriage, learn to read, etc. Do something that will make you a better person and create a positive environment for you, your children, family and friends.

In the Bible there was a man who had been sick, so sick that he had to be carried on a mat. His four friends brought him to see Christ, but when they made it to where Jesus was there was a large crowd. They did not stop there because they knew they had to GO FOR IT if they wanted Jesus to help their friend. In response to their being so many people there, his friends went on the roof and tore it up so they could lower their friend down. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the sick of the palsy, Son, your sins are forgiven you.

If the sick man's friends had given up because of one obstacle, their friend would not have gotten healed.

As you continue on this journey I implore you to keep pushing to make things better. I want you to get up and fight for your dream. I want you to Go For It!

Keep the faith and stay encouraged. M.J.T. Love.

Donell Maxie is a staff writer for The Bolivar Commercial He can be reached at 843-4241 or e-mail him at