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A Letter to Citizens of the Mound Bayou Community

For a little while, I have felt compelled to write this letter. The time to write was confirmed, after the article entitled, “Mound Bayou to hold election” ran in the Wednesday, August 7, 2013, edition of The Bolivar Commercial.

Why was there a need to identify me in the article and say that I resigned due to an undisclosed reason? I gave the reason! Did this mean that I gave no reason or did the person asked not want to disclose the reason? The announcement of the upcoming special election had already appeared in the paper, twice. Why publish an article of notification on the same day that qualifying petitions are due, when most of us do not receive our papers until late afternoon or early evening? What was the real purpose behind this article?

Enough on that! I wanted to share with you my reason for resigning. I resigned, because I did not believe that we would be able to move forward, as anticipated with the recent election. I experienced a deep sense of frustration and helplessness, during the first board meeting, and did not believe that I would be allowed to help move the city forward. I believed that time would be spent opposing me, instead of focusing on city affairs.

After I resigned, some of my supporters expressed their desire for me to continue and their willingness to be involved. With this, and my knowledge that the city was not in a financial position to fund another election, I decided to “put my armor on for the fight” and submitted a letter withdrawing my resignation. The Board of Alderman met on July 9, 2013, for a recessed meeting. During that meeting a motion was made and seconded to reject my resignation and accept my withdrawal of that resignation. Two aldermen voted for the motion, two aldermen voted against the motion, and the mayor broke the tie, with a vote against the motion. There is no state law that stipulates that I could not have been returned to my seat.

So, as a result of this action, a special election must be held to fill the vacancy. Because there are more than six months remaining in the term, no one can be appointed, thus an election is required. The special election has been set for Tuesday, August 27, 2013. I encourage those of you who are registered voters to come out, once again, to elect an alderman that you believe will put Mound Bayou first! I have chosen not to run in the special election, because I do not want to cause the city to go through four years of oppositional leadership. The focus should be on the city, not me! I believe the good that I can offer will be refused, because it is coming from me. We do not need this!

I pledge to continue my efforts to work wherever I can and however I can, legally and morally, to move Mound Bayou forward. Our first concern should be Mound Bayou! Mound Bayou, collectively, is more important than any one of us!

Once again, I sincerely thank each of you who voted for me in the June election! I am sorry if you feel that I let you down, but ultimately, I was not allowed to serve you. I will be active and involved, and I encourage you to do the same. Mound Bayou needs all of us!!!

Yours for a better Mound Bayou,

Eulah L. Peterson, Ph.D.