Supes handle county issues
by Paisley Boston
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Spokesperson for Mound Bayou, Herman Johnson, came to the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday in Rosedale meeting with a mission in mind that was not on the agenda.

Supervisor Preston Billings said, "I have been receiving phone calls from Mr. Johnson concerning a bridge that was removed in Mound Bayou. He came here today to get some clarity about the matter."

According to Johnson, the county allegedly removed a bridge because it interfered with a drainage project and members of the board assured him that the bridge would be replaced — the bridge was removed over 15 years ago.

"According to this document which was presented at the board of supervisors meeting in July, the county is responsible for relocating and rebuilding the bridge that was removed," said Johnson as he pointed to a document that was allegedly given to him by members of the board.

Supervisor Andrew Williams said, "We don’t want to waste your time because we know that your time is valuable but we are not going to replace the bridge."

According to County Engineer Bob Eley, the county did not remove the bridge; the Natural Resource Conservation Service removed it.

"If we would have removed the bridge as part of a project that we were responsible for, we would have had to pay a contractor to remove it," added Eley

Following EMA Director Bill Quinton again presented an order to approve a policy amendment to pay regular and overtime employees during a state and nationally declared emergency — the order was approved.

"Ms. Coleman and I have gotten together and come up with a method and procedure for paying workers. The only concern that we have now is whether or not to pay them as regular or contract employees," said Quinton.

Supervisors took no action on the type of pay to these employees.

In November the order was presented but not approved due to some adjustments that had to be made by Quinton and Bolivar County Board Attorney Linda Coleman.

Quinton also presented an order to re-advertise for the trailer mounted generator for the town of Boyle because the county had only received one bid but before utilizing county funds for a project such as this, there must be at least two bids.

After Quinton gave his report, Billings offered suggestions to Sheriff Kelvin Williams concerning his deputies.

"I have been getting feedback from citizens who claim to be getting disrespected by your deputies, said Billings.

"They need to be as respectful as possible because everyone is carrying around guns and they are not afraid to use them. Your deputies need to respect individuals when they stop them. Some people think that just because they wear a badge that it gives them the right to play god," he added.

Williams assured Billings that he would look into the matter but he said that he had doubts about any of his deputies harassing or disrespecting citizens.

Towards the end of the meeting, members of the board went into executive session to discuss potential litigation with the road department and the ongoing issue of the hospital pension fund — there were no decisions reached about either issue.

County Administrator Will Hooker announced that board members would are to attend and a Mid-Winter Conference in Jackson on January 6-8.