Former sheriff honored with naming of unit
by Paisley Boston
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Representatives from various correctional facilities jingled all the way to the Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility Thursday for a special luncheon.

After attendees came in and were nestled in their seats, Sheriff Kelvin Williams requested everyone to follow him outside for a dedication ceremony in honor of former Sheriff H.M. “Mack” Grimmett.

Williams said, " I believe in giving a person their flowers while they are living and with that being said, I have something for you Mack."

Two deputies lifted a sheet and unveiled a newly placed signed in front of the facility.

"From now on, when people pass through here they will know that the name of this facility is the H.M. "Mack" Grimmett Housing Unit," said Williams.

"This man has truly been an inspiration to and for me. We are so grateful for all of the hard work and commitment that you put into constructing this facility," he added.

"This man has served our county for over 4o years and this facility would not have been constructed without his leadership," Williams said.

Grimmett made two steps back, gazed at the sign and said "I have never been at a lost for words before but I am right now."

"I am kind of an emotional person. I would like to personally thank Sheriff Williams for doing this for me.

"Sen. Willies Simmons and the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors worked very hard to get the funds to construct this facility. This is the best facility in the state of Mississippi as far as a regional jail correctional facility.

"I want to let all of the people of Bolivar County know how much I appreciate them — without them, I could not have been here today," Grimmett said.

Grimmett said he was elected to work for the Mississippi Sheriff's Association in 1985 and has personally visited other facilities in surrounding counties.

After Grimmett's emotional speech, attendees proceeded back into the correctional facility for more festivities, including food, Christmas songs and door prizes.

Attendees feasted on delicious food, listened to beautiful Christmas melodies and

Some of those in attendance brought Christmas toys to be donated to the Bolivar County Community Action Agency.

Williams said that the luncheon was a momentous occasion and it was the least that his facility could do to express gratitude to Grimmett.