Committees merge to better the looks of city
by Courtney Warren
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The Cleveland Beautification Committee and the Mosquito/Litter Control met on Wednesday and decided to consolidate the two groups and become the Beautification Committee of Cleveland.

The committee will now discuss topics such as trash/litter, beautification, mosquito control, and plans to also work with the Keep Cleveland Beautiful Committee.

In regards to the litter and how that aspect of the committee works, "We identify where the problems are and then go to the officials to get help in handling those problems. We know we'll never get rid of all of the trash, it's a constant battle."

The committee also discussed how to go about cleaning up homes that looked particularly disheveled.

While the committee can ask the homeowner to clean their yard and even offer to do it for them, they must have permission from the homeowner.

"There is a limit of what the city can do in regards to cleaning homes. We must have permission to clean up," said Hubbell.

Ray Bell, director of Cleveland Public Works explained that there is a long process involved and they are doing everything they can.

"It's a two month process. They get a warning and then 30 days to clean. The board puts them on a public nuisance and then the landlord gets assessed if it's still not cleaned up," explained Bell.

Members of the committee also brought up lights on the green strip downtown being out and why they have not been repaired.

Bell explained the lights were on back order and while the public works department was staying on top of things, it had been found out that the distributor never ordered those lights.

Bell had nothing but good things to say about the technicians that take care of the lights around Cleveland.

"Robert Moseley and Freddie Graham do a great job. It's never raining too hard, the wind never blowing too much, it's never too cold or hot for them to get the job done."

Bell also explained that parts aren't ordered in bulk due to the fact that the moment the part is ordered the warranty starts.

That part may not be needed at the time and may sit on a shelf, yet when it is needed it may have been damaged in the years it was stored and the warranty is up.

Bill Alexander of Mosquito Control also gave an update.

"We have the equipment ready to drop more larvicide. The larvicide makes larvae belly swell up so it can't eat and it dies," he explained.

Alexander also explained the important of keeping any items that may hold stagnant water, empty and cleaned out of back yards and homes.

"One old tire can breed 1 million mosquitoes. We can't treat areas on private property so look for empty items that hold water. Some of the little harboring areas are flower pots, tires, little red wagons," he said.

Alexander also explained the trucks now go 15 miles per hour rather than 10 because they cover more ground and can put out the same amount of chemical.

The two committees will now meet as one and work together to better cleanup and beautify Cleveland.