Delta State police seek flag thieves
by Courtney Warren
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Photo of the flagpoles before they were hung on Friday morning.
Photo of the flagpoles before they were hung on Friday morning.
The flags on the Delta State University Flag Plaza have been stolen.

According to DSU Police Chief Lynn Buford, on April 27 the 8x12 American flag was stolen from the flagpole.

"We had a replacement and so we put up another one," said Buford.

Buford said on May 10, graduation day, the flags were up that afternoon and evening, but the next morning it was discovered that not only had the American flag been stolen, but the Mississippi state flag had been stolen as well.

"My real question is why would you steal an American flag? All of these people fought for our country and someone is taking that symbol. You stole property but you’re stealing much more than that," said Buford.

The Delta State flags that fly along Miss. Highway 8 for special events were also stolen and the poles from which the flags fly were damaged beyond repair.

DSU Police believe it took more than one person to steal the large flags and they might be doing so after the lights go off on the flag plaza, which are on a timer.

Delta State Police Department is currently looking for anyone that might be able to provide information about the stolen flags.

"They can call us or e-mail me directly," said Buford.

Delta State University President Bill LaForge asks that anyone with information contact his office.

"The American flag is the greatest symbol of freedom and democracy in the world. Delta State supports every effort to protect this sacred symbol to honor the men and women who died to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day. The flag is our national rallying point. We should honor it.

“I’m going to Poland Saturday to teach at a law school for several days. When I return to U.S. soil, I will, as I always do when returning from abroad, look for that flag at my port of entry with pride and comfort. I am asking anyone with any information about the disappearance of our flags on campus to please contact my office," said LaForge.

To report any information on the missing flags contact the president's office at 662-846-4000, the DSU Police Department at 662-846-4155, of email Buford at