Former superintendents make plans for future
by Paisley Boston
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North and West Bolivar Consolidated School Districts will start off the 2014 school year with two new faces.

Former North Bolivar School District Superintendent Jesse King said he wishes the new superintendent well and he hopes that the community is receptive of Johnnie Vick.

"My plans for the next few weeks are to ensure that Mr. Vick has a very smooth transition. I want him to use my insight to cue him in on the resources and plans that are already in place so that he can have the opportunity to review them and see how they are aligned with his plans for the new North Bolivar Consolidated School District and to continue to make sure that things are in tact," said King.

King said he believes Vick has the capacity to do marvelous work in this school district.

"It is his season and I want the community to rally with him and allow him to be a productive educational leader in the district. Anytime Mr. Vick needs a friend or someone to do anything to help the children achieve both college and career readiness, he can always call on me," he added.

He also said he believes Vick will take the district to new heights.

"I really hope that the community gives him an unbiased chance to do excellent work with the children in the district because he rightfully deserves it. I want the children of this new district to be given a win, win opportunity," continued King.

King said he would continue to be an advocate for children in Mississippi, particularly in the Delta.

"I am going to continue to serve the second congressional district on the state school board association and work with the city of Greenville to take the trustee position. I also plan to work in some other capacities in the Delta to help as many teachers, principals, administrators and community to improve the quality of education in the Delta," he added.

Former West Bolivar School District superintendent Henry Phillips said he plans to exercise all of his options.

"I am looking at retirement or possibly finding a job somewhere else. I wish the new superintendent the best," he added.

The Bolivar Commercial attempted to contact Shaw, Benoit and Mound Bayou superintendents but was unable to reach them for comments.

The new adjustments to the school districts is a result of the Mississippi Legislature mandated to reduce the number of school districts in Bolivar County and administrative consolidation is to take place at the 2014 school year.

Bolivar County is the only county in the state that has six school districts.

North Bolivar School District and Mound Bayou Public School District will consolidate and be renamed North Bolivar Consolidated School District with a total of 1,265 students.

West Bolivar School District, Shaw School District and Benoit School District will consolidate into West Bolivar Consolidated School District with a total of 1,689 students.

The first new consolidated district, the North Bolivar Consolidated School District, would consist of what is now the North Bolivar School District in Shelby and the Mound Bayou School District.

The central administrative office of the new consolidated district would be located in Mound Bayou.

The second new consolidated district, the West Bolivar Consolidated School District, would be comprised of what are now the West Bolivar School District, the Shaw School District and the Benoit School District.

The central administrative offices for the new consolidated district would be located in Rosedale.