Safety luncheon planned for Bolivar senior citizens
by Paisley Boston
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The Bolivar County Sheriff’s Department and The Right Information and Direction program have teamed up to present a Communities Caring about Seniors Luncheon, the United Family Life Center from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. Friday.

According to Administrative Assistant and Triad Board Secretary Ke'Angela Riley, the purpose of luncheon is to educate seniors on the importance of scam prevention.

"There are seniors who feel that they can dwell on their own and some of them do and in some cases, this is who scammers target. We feel that this event is essential because seniors are sometimes vulnerable and easily persuaded," said Riley.

"We want seniors to be aware of the many forms of scams and identity theft that can and do usually occur over the phone. The event will encompass vendors, local police officers, fire fighters, public safety officers and just anyone who may have to approach the home of a senior for any reason," she added.

The speaker for the event will be Mississippi Attorney General's Office Special Assistant Bridgette Wiggins.

"We chose her as the speaker for the event because she speaks about consumer protection. She will discuss scams, fraud, identity theft, the importance of having a will and other vital information that senior citizens must know," said Riley.

"We will also discuss victims assistance and crime prevention," she added.

Riley also said local safety agencies such as the police department; fire department and many other agencies will come dressed in full uniform to put on a 'fashion show.'

"We want to help seniors get accustomed to how officials look in uniform. These individuals will come dressed in their work attire to model for the seniors so that they will be aware of how they look and what they should expect if or when they arrive at their homes. This will be the highlight of the program," she added.

Riley said the TRIAD program was prompted to host the activity after receiving a high volume of calls from seniors that claim that they have experienced identity theft, scamming or fraud.

"Some of our seniors are not aware of how to cypher through scams or how to handle them to prevent certain things from happening. We hope that this event will help our seniors feel more secure," she added.

According to the Office of the Attorney General of Mississippi, the consumer education division seeks to create an informed public, able to avoid problems before they occur.

Consumer Education actively teaches by presenting programs to consumers across the state and through distributing educational literature on consumer rights and concerns.

Consumer Fraud actively pursues violators of the Mississippi consumer laws.

Investigation here is often long-term, and legal action is taken against businesses with systematically deceptive practices.

The Consumer Protection Division strives to ensure that Mississippi victims do not fall prey to unscrupulous business practices and scams.

Riley said the Triad program recently received a $3,000 grant from the Mississippi Department of Department of Public Safety to host this event.

"The event is for individuals that are 55 years of age or older and caretakers.

"We will be giving away door prizes that contain things such as smoke detectors, flashlights and driveway patrol chimes. We are expecting over 200 participants and transportation will be provided," said Riley.

Triad is a group of individuals who work together on crime prevention and protection for the community's senior citizens.

Triad is a partnership to address crime issues, which effect older citizens, and to enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to these mature persons.

The mission is to take a leadership role I the unique challenge of working with older leaders and affiliated organizations to reduce crimes perpetuated against older adults and improve the relationship between law enforcement services and the older community.