Small fires could have big consequences
by Elisabetta Zengaro
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Greg Jackson, fire inspector for the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department, said two dumpster fires occurred between July 4-5.

The first dumpster fire, Jackson said, was reported at 10:11 p.m. behind Carpenter Estates on July 4.

Jackson said the second dumpster fire occurred near the Wal-Mart shopping center on July 5, at 4:52 p.m.

He also said the two fires were not related to each other and it did not take long to put the fires out, and there were no injuries.

While the actual cause of the dumpster fires is undetermined, Jackson said fireworks may have been the cause, particularly in the case of the fire at Carpenter Estates.

However, there is a city ordinance against setting off fireworks.

Many cities, including Cleveland, do not allow fireworks in the city limits.

Jackson said he had noticed an increase in fireworks this year, mainly because of the good weather the city has had.

Jackson said he rode around on the Fourth of July and reminded people not to set off fireworks.

Cleveland Police Chief Buster Bingham said those who violate the city’s ordinance can be cited and fined.

Bingham said they didn’t have to cite anyone this time for setting off fireworks, but they did receive some complaints.

“If we receive a complaint, we go to the location and try to handle the situation as best as possible,” Bingham said.

Jackson said the fire department does the best they can to enforce the ordinance, but it also takes cooperation and responsibility from the public.

“People have to take ownership,” said Jackson.

“Even though it’s just a dumpster, it is someone’s property,” said Jackson.

“We appreciate cooperation from the community,” he added.