Letter to the Editor
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To the people of Bolivar County,

When the citizens of Bolivar County hired me in 2008, I took the oath of office and promised to serve as the "gatekeeper" of county records. It is has been my mission to protect the integrity and accuracy of court records and election records of Bolivar County while serving the public and legal community in a courteous and professional manner.

This office is committed to providing timely assistance, ensuring equal access to court and election services, and treating users of the court and election systems with respect and dignity. We aim to enhance public trust and confidence in the court and election systems of Bolivar County.

In the past few weeks, circuit clerks have been challenged in producing public records without redacting (covering up) the poll books of the primaries held June 3rd and June 24th. My office is not the exception; I have been challenged as well. My office offers copies of redacted poll books for a fee and I have followed the law according to the Mississippi Attorney General as well as the Mississippi Secretary of State. So, the Mississippi statute is clear for interpretation in regard to the Public Records Act.

Whether or not I will be served with a Mandamus (a writ issued by a court commanding a public official to perform an action), I don’t know; but, what I do know is the people of Bolivar County can be sure of one thing: I will exercise every bit of strength in me to protect their personal information according to the law and, if my efforts fail, then, know higher authorities prevailed and your personal information may compromised.

Again, as your Circuit Clerk, I will uphold the statutes of Mississippi as I have sworn until directed to do otherwise.


Marilyn Kelly

Bolivar County Circuit Clerk