Shelby's board reinstates chief
by Anne Hart Preus
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Several items were on the agenda for the regular Shelby board meeting Tuesday.

Several citizens in attendance registered complaints about the police chief, Patrick Johnson, and the police department.

"Police are not doing what they are supposed to do. They don't investigate both sides of a situation and have only one side for court," said one citizen.

"The police chief is unfair. He picks and chooses who to serve warrants to and does not serve them to friends," said another.

Johnson had been on suspension for insubordination. The board voted to reinstate him but advised the town attorney to go ahead and advertise for a new chief and officers.

According to Mayor Dan Harris, the police department takes most of the city’s budget.

"We want to make sure citizens are safe without breaking the bank," said Harris. "I plan on talking to the sheriff to see if we can turn public safety over to his department."

Other business included wrapping up the sewer grant, which is in its final stages, the litter problem, and new water meters.

"We continue to have clean-ups in the spring and fall. "It is up to the citizens to make sure they are doing their part," said Harris.

We have put barrels in town for trash. We are going to buy new receptacles and paint the old ones.

"We want our town to look good. Hopefully, people will use the new trash containers and not throw it on the ground," said Harris.

The board is looking into having Delta Water bring in new water meters that use GPS. It would make the meter reading more efficient and billing more accurate. Water bills would be based on actual usage.

"For some people, there might be an increase and for others, a decrease," said Harris.

The board will have a budget workshop next week.